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Getting Ready for Calvin Klein With Cailee Spaeny

Getting Ready for Calvin Klein With Cailee Spaeny

Cailee Spaeny has been having a lot of firsts this month — and on Tuesday night, the young actress added “front row at a fashion show” to that list, thanks to Calvin Klein.

“My first time ever experiencing a fashion show will be tonight, it’s so crazy — and the fact that it’s Calvin Klein and Raf Simons is absolutely insane. Hearing the words today ‘let me see if Raf approves that outfit’ is just a crazy thing to hear,” says Spaeny from her room at the Edition Hotel, where she was getting ready ahead of the show. “I’m very new to the fashion world, but it’s such an exciting world to get into. I love clothing, and waking up every day and figuring out what I want to say with my clothing.”

She’d visited the showroom earlier to try on a few outfits, ultimately settling on a red leather skirt and navy zip-up top.

“My favorite was Raf’s favorite,” she adds of her selection. (Although she had yet to meet the designer ahead of the show, she’d gotten the text message approval.)

Another first: seeing her face on a billboard, for her upcoming film “Bad Times at the El Royale.” “My mom sent a picture of it to me, she was on Ventura [Boulevard] and she took a picture and freaked out, and all of my siblings posted it, and it was so sweet. I haven’t seen it yet, but yeah, lots of news happening,” she says. The film will also mark her first premiere appearance, and offer an opportunity to dip further into the fashion sphere. (Perhaps she’ll wear Calvin?)

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Cailee’s Journey from Theater to Pacific Rim: Uprising

Cailee’s Journey from Theater to Pacific Rim: Uprising

Springfield native Cailee Spaeny leapt from acting on the Springfield Little Theatre stage to fighting CGI monsters on the Pacific Rim: Uprising set. Now she’s on the cusp of fame with a resume filled with big-name co-stars.

I went full out for this audition. I put dirt all over my face, I was in a hoode d jacket, and there was no air conditioning in the house, so I was actually sweating. I used remote controls as buttons on the machines, I actually slammed myself down on the ground while Jonna, my acting coach, had her phone over me trying to get the best angles while reading me other lines,” Cailee Spaeny says, describing the self-taped audition that would change her life. It was here in Springfield, where Spaeny grew up, that the actress went to such great lengths. She was 1,600 miles away from the casting directors in Los Angeles and even farther away from Australia where she would eventually shoot. And at that moment, her career couldn’t have been further away from where it is now.

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